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How to Attract Millennial Home buyers in 2018

When it comes to millennial's; it’s no secret that they are the unique generation of the future. Their buying and spending habits are much different than the “baby boomers” and what they are looking for when they spend is far more complex.

In regards to home buying millennials are going to set the pace in 2018 with 34% of them currently looking for their dream home.

With the generation of the future scouring for a beautiful home - how are they going to find yours?


  1. Make it “Move-in Ready”

One of the most important factors for millennial's is that the home is free of unfinished projects.

If you started a bathroom remodel and got in over your head, you might have a hard time selling to this generation.

Millennials are also not looking for fixer uppers. 75% said they are looking for a home with updated kitchens, bathrooms, and new appliances. If you are rocking the mustard yellow range and orange laminate countertops, you might struggle in 2018.


2. Have a Home Office

With 64% of millennials saying they would like to work from home - it’s no surprise that a home office would rank on our list.

Having a home office allows you to get away from distractions and focus on the task. This is especially important to millennial homebuyers that take a lot of pride in working less hours than previous generations. They prefer to work on efficiency vs. time expectation.


3. Get Online

As we already know, basically all millennial's will be finding your home online. It’s important to have a spotless listing with quality pictures.

Consider hiring a professional photographer to take pictures for your listings because that will be driving the millennials to your home. Write thorough descriptions and be sure to have pictures of every room. Millennial homebuyers put a lot of research into every decision so it’s important to provide a large amount of details.



Millennial's are making up a huge portion of home buyers for the next five years. Regardless of your opinion; the market is going to gravitate to your home, or they’re not. Take the time to study up on the important key factors that are selling houses in 2018. Otherwise, you will be researching the next generation trying to sell again in ten years.

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